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Smart Dentin Grinder

What if you could recycle an extracted tooth?

Use the Smart Dentin Grinder (SDG) protocol to convert extracted teeth into autologous graft within 15 minutes.

Why dentin works

  • Dentin and bone are virtually identical in composition
  • Natural, bio-active, autologous material
  • Attracts Osteoprogenitors from the site
  • Undergoes Ankylosis (fusion) with the bone
  • Contains Growth Factors and BMPs
  • Strong, slow resorbing scaffold

The results

  • Fast bone healing and soft tissue response
  • Reduced graft cost
  • Immediate attraction of osteogenic cells
  • Immediate stabilization (very little, if any recession) and predictable bone remodeling
  • Excellent, dense bone quality
  • No rejection, inflammation, disease transmission or fast resorption
  • Works great to enhance implant stability.