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Our competence is your safety

Established in 2014, Trovadent, Inc. is specializing in marketing and sales of premium quality dental implants, prosthetic rehabilitation solutions, truly innovative regenerative products and digital dentistry. 
Trovadent is the official distributor of JDentalCare, which collaborates with National and International Research Institutes and carries on several projects with Italian Universities, to maintain constant contacts with technological developments. 

This fact has allowed Trovadent to be supported in the distributing of the products by high skilled partners, fit and satisfy the most modern needs of dentists and patients. We believe that the care for details, the quality of raw materials, the severity of manufacturing processes are at the basis of a reliable and high performance product. To give high quality levels to our products, JDentalCare respects modern international standards and follow different operative procedures for different products and use destinations.

Nothing is left to chance: starting from strictly certified raw materials to high technological manufacturing machine tools in which we use only superior quality oils and tools. We can rely on a high skilled staff that constantly monitor the manufacturing processes and executes very severe controls on production (up to 100% on the critical tolerances). The package is prepared in a controlled white room.

Thanks to the availability of sophisticated equipments, we strictly control the superficial cleanness of the dental implants, identifying the most common contamination. The Checksurface permits to verify the morphological state of the surface, finding out possible alterations, and to analyze with high accuracy all the internal impurities or external deposits. The control of the superficial contamination is carried out with SEM investigation. Trovadent  intends to follow the dentist in every step of the treatment process offering the constant consultancy of its opinion leaders on the specific cases.