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Innovative Socket Grafting Technique in Preparation for Dental Implants by Timothy Kosinski, DDS, MAGD

by Timothy Kosinski, DDS, MAGD

Socket preservation is often referred to as simple. However, there is still some confusion among dentists in determining the type of graft material that should be used in these preservation techniques. It is assumed that when a tooth is lost to extraction, bone changes will occur with the residual socket site shrinking. The bone will often resorb apically and facially, leaving a shorter, thinner remaining ridge. Ideal dental implant placement relies on adequate bone to place the fixture. The maxillary posterior region creates some unique compromises when considering a dental implant. BUY IT NOW


A Novel Procedure to Process Extracted Teeth for Immediate Grafting of Autogenous Dentin

Itzhak Binderman1*, Gideon Hallel2, Casap Nardy3, Avinoam Yaffe4, and Lari Sapoznikov

Background: Extracted teeth are still considered a clinical waste and therefore being discarded. It is evident

that chemical composition of dentin is similar to bone. Following tooth replantation the tooth is replaced by bone then

followed by root resorption and ankyloses and finally integrated into the surrounding alveolar bone.

Aims: Here we present a novel procedure in a clinical setting that employs freshly extracted teeth that are

processed into a bacteria-free particulate dentin, and then grafted immediately into extra